Peer-Mentoring and Professional Counselling & Training Placements.


Chrysalis welcomes applications from people who would like to volunteer or offer their services in an unpaid capacity.  There are many benefits to volunteering at Chrysalis apart from the obvious, such as, the practical experience volunteers gain whilst working within a specialised organisation.  This alone has proven sufficient in helping to volunteers secure paid work with CSA or with related organisations.  If you need any further advice or information on volunteering at Chrysalis please contact us on 0117 9044366 or go to the ‘online forms and downloads’ section of our website and download an application form.


Chrysalis is a full member of VOSCUR we will usually post vacant volunteering opportunities on their website; these can also be viewed on the volunteering Bristol website.


Chrysalis also relies on peer mentors as a significant part of the function and delivery of all aspects of Chrysalis’ work.  We feel that involving service users and providing them with training and supervision in order to support other service users provides us with a valuable resource.  This also means that our services remain client focused and are contributed towards directly by active service user involvement. These roles provide practical experience and help build the skills and confidence of those who participate.  It is a long held tradition that wherever paid opportunities exist, preference can sometimes be given to those from within existing volunteering or peer mentoring positions.  It is also our experience that these positions have enabled service users to go on and gain meaningful waged employment in other related services or to cement opportunities within Higher Education.


Chrysalis also offers placement opportunities for those who are trained or taking post graduate counselling and psychotherapy courses.  Although supervision will be provided different institutions maintain different qualifying criteria.  It is important if you are applying for a placement at Chrysalis that you satisfy yourself that it meets with your course criteria and that you can pay for additional supervision or qualifying conditions required by your course out of your own pocket.  Chrysalis cannot reimburse out of pocket expenses to placements as it is considered that the benefit provided to the placement by Chrysalis already exists in the form of a placement opportunity in the first instance.



Psychological Therapies 


Chrysalis seeks to provide psychological therapies to its clients and to ensure that the therapy we deliver meets the highest standards and is delivered by suitably qualified and trained therapists.


Unless services are specifically funded to provide this then usually these services are delivered by volunteer placements or by other trained staff within Chrysalis.  The ability to deliver these services changes frequently therefore if you are unsure as to what is available at any given time please call 0117 9166626 where we will be happy to provide you with up to date information.