What Do We Mean By Recovery? 


Recovery is not so much defined by us here at Chrysalis but instead by a client’s journey that denotes and evidences gradual but significant improvement away from identified problem areas.  Problem areas so significant and complex that they have become deeply entrenched and resistant to change, literally stopping the individual from being able to live and enjoy a "normal" fulfilling and happy life. It is to this end that Chrysalis' services speak in that Chrysalis supports change, change that is both meaningful and lasting which can endure anticipated and unforeseen future problems and setbacks and more significantly change that is realistic and can develop at a pace that works for each individual.

Chrysalis is not affiliated and does not have an opinion of any mainstream view of recovery, leaving it instead as a construct that an individual defines for themselves.

Our aim is to support the process of Self Defined Recovery and to encourage our clients to reach their fullest possible potential.

To this end Chrysalis views the following non exhaustive list of certain phenomenon as being linked to the possibility of recovery –

  • Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction and other addictions
  • Recovery from Homelessness
  • Recovery from Mental Illness
  • Recovery from Domestic Violence
  • Recovery from Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Recovery from Childhood Trauma
  • Recovery from Maladaptive Belief Systems
  • Recovery from Welfare Dependency
  • Recovery from Disordered Eating


These lists often cross over and can sometimes be linked in a complex web that makes recovery difficult.  Chrysalis works side by side with clients and with peer mentors offering structure support and when needed additional encouragement with guided self-help options and bespoke interventions as well as with other specialists as part of a well designed joined up shared care arrangement.