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Drug & Alcohol Supported Accommodation

Specialist Structured Housing & Support for those leaving specialist In-patient or Out-patient treatment for addiction to Drugs and or Alcohol and other harmful addictions.

Drug and alcohol services grand opening

These services are only offered to those who are abstinent (minimum 6 weeks) and who have completed a recognised treatment pathway (Primary and preferably secondary in-patient or out-patient structured professional rehabilitation) and who need additional and ongoing accommodation-based support that is structured, community based and with a mixture of specialised professional support and peer led interventions.

Another key consideration is that those who meet these criteria would otherwise be placed at risk of being homeless without access to our services.

Before applying please ensure you have read our eligibility and guide to applying in our forms and downloads at the bottom of this page.

You will need to agree that you are genuinely in need of our specialist services and have the support needs as defined in our service offer.


You will be required as a condition of the service being offered to agree that you actually require and are in need of the services and support we offer and to fully commit to the following conditions of stay.

  • Total abstinence from drugs and alcohol and other harmful behaviours whilst resident and whilst away on visits.
  • To sign and agree to a structured licenced condition of stay.
  • To submit to planned or random on request drug and alcohol tests.
  • To sign up to a structured support plan.
  • To attend support groups.
  • To attend support key working sessions.
  • To attend and engage with counselling and or psychotherapy as required.
  • To commit to any other support requirements as required.
  • To actively seek out relevant training and or college courses.
  • To undertake voluntary work and when ready explore permitted to work options.
  • To attend outside peer led support meetings whether 12 steps or otherwise for a minimum duration of 3 times weekly.
  • To treat yourself and others with respect and dignity.
  • To do your fair share of housekeeping and to encourage and support your peers to do the same.
  • To agree to live in line with the House Rules and expectations at each accommodation level available on request and at assessment or induction.
  • To be committed to maintain a therapeutic community ethos.
  • To treat the accommodation respectfully and to keep your personal rooms or accommodation in the manner they were given to you.
  • To pay all rent, top ups and other charges in advance and on time.
  • To live by the principles of Honesty, Open Mindedness and Willingness.
  • To be open to challenge and demonstrate a willingness to change and address attitudes and behaviours that are likely to cause issues in life, relationships or contribute toward possible relapse.

Our Accommodation Is Offered in 3 Stages

Shared houses of up to 6 people with your own independent room, your own fridge with freezer compartment as well as where necessary communal freezers. You will also have your own allocated cupboard spaces marked for your use and access to communal shared areas. You will be required to maintain your rooms and communal areas in the condition you were first given access to them, repeated and consistent failure to adhere to this could risk your stay. This will be offered in general for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years (and possibly longer depending on individual circumstances) dependant on needs and progress made and readiness to move on independently.

Accessed directly, where the same general rules and expectations apply and as part of a planned move on arrangement. These are shared flats of up to 3 people but more generally 2 people. The requirements and support offered begins to taper off but you will still engage with and acknowledge the need to use our services. As with the shared house arrangements you will have your own individual room with shared communal facilities and delegated responsibilities. Your support Plan will still need to be reviewed and adhered to and all support appointments attended.

Accessed directly or as part of a planned move on, 1 bedroom flat or studio flat or bedsit self-contained properties for your sole use. These will be delivered part furnished and equipped to a specific level but will basically be the final part of the support journey before taking up your own independent tenancy. You will acknowledge that though you still require the safety that living and being supported by Chrysalis offers that you are very much integrated into your support journey and developed the resilience and personal skills to manage life with very little support from us except when required. This is where you take all of the skills and knowledge you have gathered about living a life that is free from addiction and apply it in real time to safely and gradually gauge where you are at on the journey towards independence without putting the efforts you have made at jeopardy.

Applying to Chrysalis Drug & Alcohol Services

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