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Chrysalis Supported Association Ltd Logo
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We are defined by the people and neighbourhoods we serve and our commitment to delivering social good. The purpose of our organisation is articulated through our Vision, Mission and Values.

Teamwork ethos
A resident of Chrysalis Housing


Our Vision is an aspirational statement setting out what we hope to have achieved by the conclusion of this Business Plan period.

Our Vision is: “to grow and diversify our business, and to become recognised as an ethical, customer-focused provider of high-quality specialised supported housing.”


Our Mission sets out what our organisation will do on a day-to-day basis, providing operational grounding to our aspirational Vision.

Our Mission is: “to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of our residents and communities across the UK, providing high-quality services and homes that provide good value for money.”

A resident of Chrysalis Housing
Independent living with Chrysalis


Our Values define how we will approach the delivery of our Mission and the pursuit of our Vision. Taken together, they form the guidelines for how we will interact with our stakeholders – be they residents, partner organisations or internal staff.


We are committed to going the extra mile to meet each resident’s needs and will ensure that everyone we deal with feels valued by the organisation. Understanding and respecting the diverse needs of our residents is a key ethical driver for us.


As a provider of housing, the quality of our homes and related services is central to our business. We will ensure that our homes and services are as of high a quality as possible without impacting on affordability and will seek to continuously improve our service provision.


In carrying out the day-to-day running of our organisation, we will always be mindful of the best interests of our stakeholders and will ensure that we consistently act in these best interests. Our interactions with stakeholders will be honest and open at all times.


We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our stakeholders and will seek to do this as far as possible. In meeting these needs, we will take a realistic approach guided by evidence-based conclusions.

Valuing our people

We know that delivering a high-quality service requires high-quality people, and we will work to ensure that our staff are valued and provided with opportunities to develop and thrive. We are also committed to valuing our business partners and our residents and will retain the ‘human touch’ in everything we do.


We will ensure that value for money considerations feature prominently in our business decisions, without compromising on the quality of our service provision. We will seek to safeguard our financial viability in the long-term. We will also promote environmental sustainability through our business where possible.